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Taehwa Geological Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Taehwa Geological Engineering Pte Ltd was founded in South Korea on Oct 1990 and Incorporated in Singapore on Feb 2009. We specialize in Ground Improvement and Geotechnical Engineering. Infrastructure development such as Subway, Expressway, High-Speed Railway, Tunnel, Dam and Marine Construction are also our expertise.
Since then over this 30 years, We have constantly raised our wide experiences and professional technologies standards to the highest levels in order to provide the maximum satisfaction to our customer.

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Ground Improvement & Geotechnical Engineering

Deep Soil Mixing

DSM method is an in-situ soil mixing technology that mixes existing soil with cementitious…

Jet Grout Pile

Jet Grouting is a technique of mixing in-situ soil with the energy of high-pressure jet of slurry…

Bored Pile

Bored piles offer the most economical foundation as they can be constructed in a wide…

Soil Investigation

Soil Investigations or Geotechnical Site Investigations are sub-sur­face surveys to identify the…

Recharge & Relief Well

Recharge Well: It is a method of suppressing back ground subsidence by re-injecting…


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