Taehwa Geological Engineering Pte Ltd was founded in South Korea in 1990 and Incorporated in Singapore in 2009. We specialize in Ground Improvement and Geotechnical Engineering. Infrastructure development such as Subway, Expressway, High-Speed Railway, Tunnel, Dam and Marine Construction are also our expertise.

Since then over this 30 years, We have constantly raised our wide
experiences and professional technologies standards to the highest levels in order to provide the maximum satisfaction to our customer.
Taehwa will make constant effort to be a trusted company providing the best values by leading the economic advanced method and technical development and seeking future-oriented construction of Civil Engineering.

Main Business

  • DSM (Deep Soil Mixing)
  • JGP (Jet Grout Pile)
  • TAM Grouting (Tube A Manchette Grouting)
  • Fissure / Rock Grouting
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Base Grouting
  • Bored Pile
  • RC Pile (Reinforced Concrete Square Pile)
  • GMP (Grout Mix Pile)
  • Micro Pile
  • Pipe Roof
  • Recharge & Relief Well
  • Soil Investigation
  • Quality Test
    • a) SPT Test (Standard Penetration Test)
    • b) Core/Rock Sampling
    • c) Undisturbed Sampling (Piston / Shelby / Mazier)
    • d) Permeability Test